Phill Kovach

Telling Stories Through Music

Everything Changed: A Musical Narrative; Available September 3, 2013 

The first epic independent orchestral album from Composer Phill Kovach is unleashed. Everything Changed: A Musical Narrative uses a blend of synthesizers and orchestral instruments to create powerful themes and soothing melodies. The album tells the story of a young man who must fight to survive in a very different world after a devastating attack. The album opens with the mysterious 'Prelude: The End Begins'. Both of the album's hero & antagonist themes are introduced in this track that represents the beginning of the end. Hell breaks loose with pounding percussion, soaring choir & horns, powerful orchestra in the title track 'Everything Changed'. 'Retribution' & 'Ambush' feature staccato strings, fast-moving synths, & pulsing brass and percussion as our hero seeks revenge for the loss of his family with the help of a resistance militia. The album takes a drastic turn with 'Farewell Old Friend' which features legato strings and soft piano to reflect the somber mood when the hero's mentor is killed in action. The battle heats up as both sides face-off for the last time in the epic battle track 'Game Changer'. The battle is won, but at great cost, our hero gives his life so that the others can return to life as it was. The simple-but-powerful 'Faith Rewarded' both has a melodic yet victorious tone that prominently features a pulsing piano line that honors the heroes' valiant efforts. At long last, our hero returns to the arms of his family in 'Wings of the Dawn (Welcome Home)' A new theme is introduced part way through the track that gives our intrepid warrior a hero's welcome to his new home beyond the gates of Heaven. 'Everything Changed (Full Narrative)' features all 10 of the primary tracks in one continuous edit that tells the story from beginning to end.


1) Prelude: The End Begins

2) Everything Changed

3) Aftermath

4) Retribution

5) Ambush

6) Farewell, Old Friend

7) Game Changer

8) Hero's Sacrifice

9) Faith Rewarded

10) Wings of the Dawn (Welcome Home)

11) Everything Changed (Movie Trailer Mix)

12) Faith Rewarded (Quartet Version)

   Feat. Kate Lawler, Desirée Bonitz, Corrigan Conklin, & Eric Johnson

13) Everything Changed (Full Narrative)